Weekly Update 1/20-1/26

WOW! Most of you leaders just helped us with Chill Out and are probably feeling a little tired. We are so thankful for all of you and for the impact that you have in the lives of our students. The life transformation that we experience in this ministry is largely in part to the sold out leaders that we have. We want to continue to encourage you all and resource you so that you will become the greatest leader that God has created you to be.


The Gospel WILL Change Your Life (Video) – Three of our students share their stories about how God worked through their lives to reach their friends.  This story will motivate and move you to extend the grace of Jesus out to all that He brings near you.

Here are some APPs to help you navigate this year – Really these are just a few app suggestions that can help with everyday task.  Cause, everyone needs more apps.

Is your Authenticity Real (Audio) – Pastor Chuck Swindoll invites us in to discover what real authenticity looks like.  In this Audio clip he expresses how he (in his “worldly recognition”) stays humble and authentic with who he is and the people that he is around.

Let’s Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Ron Edmonson gives us some practical ways to remember the legacy of Dr. King.  It is always good to look back to remember what we are moving forward for.  Dr. King made mighty strides in reconciling the divisions of race and we as a church and influencers need to continue to reconcile the divisions that still exist.

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