Presented Mature

Colossians 1:28 “Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”

Paul’s desire for the believers in Colossae is very simple: GROWTH. He feels a personal responsibility to all the believers there that they grow, advance, develop, and mature in Christ. Increasing in maturity is a natural expectation of people. At birth, developing in physical abilities is the first task. Next follows the verbal and mental skills. As people get older still they mature in their understanding and reasoning skills when dealing with a job, marriage, or hobby. To be alive is to grow.

Paul’s word to these believers however is not one addressed to those growing, but rather to those who are overseeing the growth! His directive is pointed at the leaders; those persons standing next to everyone who is maturing in Christ. The challenge is to present everyone mature. In other words, you are my representative on the stand. When you are receiving your reward or honor, I am standing right next to you. I’ve been with you all along and now can proudly say that you have matured under my watch.

The contrasting ideas are that of Col 1:28 & Eph 4:14 – Maturing vs. Remaining Infants – Paul knows that children are easily persuaded. That is why he’s begging for the initiative that is needed to “present everyone mature.” This idea is handled very well by the teenagers who wrote about it on TheRebelution website.

Cell Leader Implications:

  • students in cell group should show growth (over time)…can you see it?
  • if a students faith is a potential reflection of your investment and shepherding, how should you respond?
  • what does a “mature” in Christ student look like? if you don’t know, how can you show them the way?
  • maturity is achieved through spiritual leaders that proclaim Christ. give Jesus to your students!

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